• To continuously modify and improve our advisory services with the latest trends happening in Germany so as to provide you with the best and most relevant assistance for Medical PG/Residency in Germany after MBBS and BDS.
  • We ensure you’re fully appraised and informed about the challenges in obtaining a Permanent License in Germany so as to start Medical Specialist Training before signing up for our services.
  • We charge absolutely ZERO PROFESSIONAL FEES for our services while maintaining high-quality standards and commitments.
  • Prepare you to acquire all the relevant language skills, documentations and procedures so as to successfully apply and secure Medical PG/Residency in Germany.

About Us

I am Dr.Saurabh Agarwal, responsible for managing the International Operations of Eurizone Education Pvt. Ltd. I graduated in 2013 from Ukraine and at present pursuing my Medical PG/Residency from Germany in Orthopedic. After graduation and serving some time in India I have been in Germany since 2016.During my times there was not much information available about Medical PG/Residency in Germany as the process was new and whatever was available, was not comprehensive, defined, up-to-date or detailed.

Determined to do my Medical Residency from Germany, I started doing my own fieldwork with the available information. After a lot of dissection, I could make it to Germany in 2016 to start my Medical PG/Residency in Orthopedic.

It was a tough grind for me to get linked to the process. The ground work I did to get into the process not only made me a literate but also an expert on the process –
“How to work yourself to Medical PG/Residency in Germany”.

During my stay in Germany since 2016, I have mentored lot of Doctors through the process. To my surprise most of the Doctors I guided were basically either ill-informed or misguided . The process of Medical PG in Germany is very dynamic and change full, it keeps reshaping itself in accordance to the state and its respective State Chambers of Physicians making most of content on the web- obsolete, incomplete and most of the time irreverent.

Most of the Consultants offer a very generic and standardized "package" for aspiring doctors without taking into account ones state of affairs .Doctors should understand that initiating the process with sketchy intelligence doesn’t guarantee the success of the process, resulting in delayed timelines and inflated costs.Most of the doctors I came in touch were already in Germany but got jumbled up for erroneous instructions. It was at this time, I realized that I could do some value addition to the process by guiding them professionally and help them fulfill their dreams of Medical PG in Germany.

We from Eurizone Education Pvt. Ltd have tried to create an Ecosystem such that a Doctor understands the science and challenges associated with Medical PG in Germany. We don’t want a Doctor to take a call about his future for Medical PG in Germany with fragmented information.

We want to provide true counseling, proper guidance and hand holding of a Doctor in India as well as their transition from India to Germany in a seamless way.

Eurizone Education Pvt. Ltd. is a team of highly experienced professionals and counselors with a common vision to deliver. The team has the Energy, Enthusiasm, and the Skill to make the journey of our aspiring Doctors to Germany a success.

You will love to interact with our counselors who are always abreast with the latest processes and procedures to ensure that our doctors succeed in Germany. Our teams go the extra mile to provide personalized service to meet there needs.

So if you are aspiring to study or enhance your career in Medicine/Dentistry in Germany, trust Eurizone Education Pvt. Ltd to be your trusted partner.

Our services are open for every aspiring Doctor across India, Asian sub-continent, Africa, South America and the Middle-East like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Emirates, Jordan, Egypt. It doesn’t matter which country you belong to, you can still contact us if you are looking for Medical PG/Residency in Germany.

Unlike India the process of applying for a Medical PG/Residency in Germany is complicated but workable, and unlike Germany, getting a Medical PG seat in India is very competitive and improbable.


Dr. Saurabh Agarwal
Dr. Saurabh Agarwal

MD, Resident Doctor in Orthopedics

Dr. Hycham Mansour
Dr. Hycham Mansour

MD, Resident Doctor in E.N.T.

Dr. Himali Gupta<
Dr. Himali Gupta

BDS, MDS (Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Surgeon)

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