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Counseling and Profile Evaluation

Profile evaluation needs to be done to ascertain whether the process of Medical PG in Germany is the right choice for you. In accordance to your profile and requirement our counselors will suggest the correct pathway out of the options available for your Medical PG in Germany.

  • We offer holistic counseling to every eligible doctor who wishes to apply for the Medical PG in Germany.
  • Our medical expert counselor will help you understand options after MBBS and will guide you with the best pathway which will put you in the right career path.
  • We help you to prepare Psychologically, Financially, Emotionally and Socially so that you are prepared to deal with all challenges while your preparation for Medical PG/Residency in Germany.
  • Dedicated office in New Delhi and Hyderabad to provide Counseling sessions both offline and online.
John Deo

German Language and Adaptation Courses

Education in Germany is rendered in German Language, having a firm grip in the German language is the decisive factor of your success in Germany. Training on German language skills to be done in India or Germany, to be done online or offline needs to be decided to ascertain your success in the process. This is not only required for your Pathway but also for VISA application. With our expertise we know what option will serve you the best.

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Translation of Documents

Educational certificates and transcripts need to be translated in German before they are submitted to the Medical council in Germany; translations done in foreign countries are no longer accepted in Germany. We will get it done by certified translator at the most reasonable price.

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Guidance for Defizitbescheid Application

Getting a Defizitbescheid is one of the most important criteria before getting Medical PG in Germany. Choosing the correct state and the Medical council in Germany to push your application can make or break the process for you. Document verification by the Medical Council and co-ordination between differentGovernment and foreign offices play an important role which need to corresponded timely.

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VISA Documentation and Application Services

If you don’t get the VISA the process stops, so doing the correct profile building, documentation and VISA interview training plays a key role to the beginning of your success. We will assist you in VISA application procedure; opening a Blocked Account in a German Bank or a service provider keeping in mind where will you be located in Germany. Our support and guidance will continue in conversion or extension of VISA which needs to be done in Germany.

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Travel Health Insurance Services

Health Insurance is mandatory for every student in Germany. With so many choices and options to choose from, it is necessary to know which one suits your requirement and budget.

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Travel and Landing Arrangements

We provide assistance in finding the best time and airways with maximum baggage allowance at a reasonable cost for you. We will assist in doing the landing arrangements at Germany by picking you from the airport and guiding you up with the start up things at Germany like accommodation, city registration etc.

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Accommodation Guidance and City Registration

Before you move to Germany you should have an accommodation and getting a comfortable accommodation is not easy in Germany. We will do temporarily arrangement for your accommodation so that you have time to finalizing an accommodation for yourself, according to your budget, needs and choice. You can take health insurance once you have a confirmed accommodation and you can do City registration only once you have both the accommodation and the health insurance.

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Counseling regarding daily life and living in Germany after arrival

We provide Counseling to student as they land in Germany about the doe’s and don’ts in Germany, the safe neighborhoods around there locality and the protocols to be followed in a foreign country.

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FSP training and Application Guidance

We will assist you in FSP training followed by mock exam preparation. We also help a Doctors/Dentists in getting a FSP exam date. It’s always good to know what to study, why to study and where to study.

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Preparation for Kenntnisprufung

We will provide training for Kenntnisprufung exam by admitting you for a preparatory course. This course gives an insight about the Medical knowledge examwith mock drills and exam simulations by qualified professionals.

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Application Guidance for Hospitation/Observer ship

Before a Doctor gets a confirmed job offer letter from a Hospital, he can try for Hospitation if required. Application need to be sent to hundreds of Hospital for the same. We guide students in identifying the Potential Hospitals and drafting the applications for them in German.

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Job Search and Application

A good resume and an equally good motivation letter are the basic requirement an employer looks in an employee. We will assist a Doctor in preparing resumes in German language in correct format in accordance with the German standards. Post getting a job we verify the work contract too.

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Job Interview appointments and Preparation

Most of the Medical councils in Germany need a confirmed job offer letter to appear for FSP exam, we support students in arranging job Interview appointments in alignment to their interest of specialization. We train students for job interviews also.

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Berufserlaubnis Application Guidance (Temporary license)

We will support you in documentation and correspondence with the concerned authorities in Germany for getting your temporary license.

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Work Permit Application Guidance

For getting a work Permit, application needs to be done with the respective authority to get your documents processed. Application needs to be done in correct order to avoid rejection for Work Permit.

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Approbation Application Guidance (Permanent License)

We will support you in document preparation and correspondence with the concerned authorities. The application process is different for different states and without proper guidance this can be really tricky.

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Application for Approbation

Once you have passed the Kenntnisprufung exam we guide you through the registration process with the relevant Medical council for Approbation.

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Continued Support

Once you are in Germany we will always be there to support you whenever you find yourself in need or any help or clarification.

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